Unassign all drill holes

If you need to unassign many drill holes at once, you can unassign all holes assigned to you currently visible on the drill hole screen—this includes drill holes that you need to scroll to see. If need be you can use filters to narrow down the drill holes so that only the ones you want to unassign from yourself are visible.

NOTE: This will ONLY unassign drill holes you are assigned to for the current project and activity. To unassign drill holes from other projects and/or activities, you must first change the project and/or activity in your settings.

To assign all drill holes:

  1. Ensure you have an internet connection and are in online mode.
  2. From the drill holes screen, tap the more menu
  3. Tap “Unassign <x> holes.”
  4. Tap “Unassign all” in the dialogue if you wish to proceed with the unassignment, or “Cancel” if you no longer want to unassign the drill holes.


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