Install the MX Deposit mobile app

The MX Deposit mobile app was built for Android tablets. It is available as a file download from the MX Deposit website.

To install the MX Deposit mobile app:

  1. Open the Chrome web browser on the Android device that you wish to install the app on.
  2. Navigate to in the browser.
  3. The site will detect that you are on an Android device and will prompt you with a download link to get the mobile app:Screenshot_20200127-111914.png
  4. Tap the Download app button to download the install file. When the download is complete, tap the Open link that appears at the bottom of the screen: Screenshot_20200127-112016.png
  5. Depending on the current configuration of the device, you may receive a warning about installing apps from unknown sources: Screenshot_20200127-112148.png
  6. If you receive this warning, tap on the Settings option which will bring you to the security settings of the device. Enable the "Unknown Sources" option, and choose OK when you receive this warning: Screenshot_20200127-112202.png
  7. Tap the Install option to being the installation: Screenshot_20200127-112208.png
  8. When the installation is complete, tap the Open option to launch the MX Deposit mobile app: Screenshot_20200127-112222.png
  9. The MX Deposit app will also appear in the Android "Applications" menu.
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