Install the MX Deposit mobile app

The MX Deposit mobile app was built for Android tablets. It is available as a file download from Minalytix for registered users of MX Deposit. To receive the file please contact MX Deposit Support.

To install the MX Deposit mobile app:

  1. Download the .APK file that you received from Minalytix (or one of its agents) to the Android device that you wish to install MX Deposit on.
    TIP: There are many ways to download the .APK file to the Android device:
    - Email through the Android mail app
    - Email through any web mail in a browser (e.g. gmail,, etc.)
    - Shared storage (e.g. google drive, dropbox, one drive, etc.)
    - USB connection to a laptop / computer (the device will show up as a storage option)
  2. Browse to the .APK file on the Android device and single-tap the file to begin the installation process. Allow the installation to complete.
  3. In the Android "Applications" menu you will see MX Deposit as a new option.
  4. Single-tap the MX Deposit icon to launch the app.
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