Update the MX Deposit mobile app

New versions of the MX Deposit mobile app will typically be distributed to resolve any reported issues or to introduce new functionality. You will be notified by Minalytix if a new version is available, and it will be distributed via email or download link.

To update the MX Deposit mobile app:

NOTE: If there are any drill holes currently assigned to you, or any user on the Android device, you must first log in to MX Deposit and un-assign any drill holes that are currently assigned. The un-assign can only occur if you have an Internet connection and your Android device is in "online" mode. Also make sure that there are no synchronization errors on any drill holes before proceeding. If you have any issues or questions, please contact MX Deposit Support.

  1. Download the .APK file that you received from Minalytix (or one of its agents) to the Android device that is currently running MX Deposit and you wish to update:
    TIP: There are many ways to download the .APK file to the Android device:
    - Email through the Android mail app
    - Email through any web mail in a browser (e.g. gmail, outlook.com, etc.)
    - Shared storage (e.g. google drive, dropbox, one drive, etc.)
    - USB connection to a laptop / computer (the device will show up as a storage option)
  2. Browse to the .APK file on the Android device and single-tap the file to begin the update process. Allow the installation to complete.
  3. The MX Deposit icon will still appear in the Android "Applications" menu.
  4. Single-tap the MX Deposit icon to launch the app.
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