Create and assign activity groups

Activity groups are used to control what tables each user has access to, and also what tables will be locked when they perform an "assign" action through the mobile app. By organizing tables into activity groups, you can have multiple users working on different tables for the same hole at the same time. 

How it Works

In the activity config, you can define what groups each table is part of. You can have multiple tables in the same group (e.g. litho, alt, min, vein in "geology" group), or you can have one group-per-table. When you drag a group into a table, you then specify what group has the "read/write" permission, and what group has the "read only" permission. Only one group can have "read/write" permission on a table. The reason you might have some "read only" tables in a group would be for reference. One scenario could be a geotech group that has read/write permission on the Geotech/RQD table, and that group might also have read-only permission on the Lithology table. Then the geotech user working on the geotech table could still see the litho intervals and litho data - but they can't edit it.

Once you have defined your groups and assigned appropriate permissions, you can then control user access (in the project permissions) down to the group. Then your geotech user could be limited to only having access to the geotech group (and associated table(s)) - while the geologist has access to both the geology group AND the geotech group.

With groups defined, when a user goes to assign a drill hole, they will be presented with a list of available groups that they can assign. That way, one user can assign one group while a different user could assign a different group.

NOTE: Activity groups can not be added, removed or edited while users are assigned to drill holes or points within the activity.

NOTE: Once you introduce groups into the activity, you must ensure that all tables are part of at least one group - otherwise that table will never be visible to any group/user.

To create and assign activity groups:

  1. Open the configuration menu.

  2. Under “Logging” click on “Activities.”

  3. Click on the activity you want to edit.

  4. Click on the “Logging” section.

  5. To see the available activity groups click on “Groups” in the upper right of the screen. Activity groups are global, so all activity groups that are created are available in all projects and activities. 

  6. To create a new activity group click on the plus button to the right of the Groups heading.

  7. Give your group a unique name and then click “Add group.”

  8. To add an activity to a group simply drag the group from the right onto the activity you want to apply it to.

  9. Once  a group is applied to an activity it can be set as either read only or read-write by clicking the arrow to the right of the group name.

  10. Once you’re done assigning groups you can either click “Save and close” or “Next” to continue editing your activity.

To assign users to groups:

  1. Open the configuration menu.1.png
  2. Under “Your site” click on “Projects.”mceclip0.png
  3. Click on the project you want to edit.
  4. Click on the “Assign users” section.mceclip1.png
  5. To assign a user to a specific group simply drag the user from the right onto the group you want to assign them to.mceclip2.png
  6. Once you’re done assigning users to groups you can either click “Save and close” or “Done” to save your changes.
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