Sampling Fundamentals

Sampling Fundamentals

Samples and Results are managed at an Activity level, and can be configured the same way or differently for each Activity in a Project.  The Sampling configuration must be completed before samples can be logged and results can be imported from laboratory certificates.

The general flow for managing Samples and Results within MX Deposit is:


  1. Configure Sample Lists
    1. Analytes
    2. Analytical Methods
    3. Units of Measure
    4. Sample Decomposition
    5. Lab Services
    6. Method Details
    7. Reference Material
    8. Certified Results
  2. Configure Sample Analysis Workflow(s)
    1. Sample Submittal
    2. Sample Prep
    3. Sample Analysis
    4. Certificate Import
  3. Add Sample Analysis Workflow(s) to Activities
  4. Log Samples
  5. Import Certificates
  6. Review and Validate QAQC
  7. Release Results
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