Validating QAQC Results

After importing a laboratory certificate, you can review and validate the control materials that were included in the certificate.

The Results tab displays all of the samples and results that were successfully imported from the certificate.  Sample result columns that are included in the validation will contain a circle icon which represents the status.  The status is determined based on the rules configured in the Certificate Import step of the Sample Analysis Workflow and include:

  • Imported
  • Passed
  • Warning
  • Failed


To review and validate QAQC results:

  1. Click on a certificate.  
  2. Click on the Results tab.
  3. Review the sample columns that contain status codes.  To reduce the number of records that require initial review, click the “Controls” filter to see only the control samples (including laboratory controls if you have configured them)
    1. Control samples will have a status of Passed, Warning or Failed, depending on your validation rules.
  4. You can change the status of individual results or an entire results column by right-clicking the status icon and choosing a new status.  The available options include:
    1. Imported
    2. Accepted with failure
    3. Warning
    4. Failed
    5. Undefined
    6. Passed


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