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Method Details are children of Lab Services and define specifics about the associated analytes.  Examples of method details include Analyte, Unit, Result Type, Detection Limits, and additional fields can be created to store other information.

Method Details can be created manually or can be imported from a CSV file.  MX Deposit is also pre-loaded with information about the Method Details from a few popular labs.  This can be added to your subscription through an “Import from Library” function, which is described in the <a href>Lab Services Knowledge Base article.</a>


To Create a Method Detail 

  1. Open the configuration menu Landing_Arrow.jpeg
  2. Under Sampling, click Sample lists Admin_Panel_Arrow.jpeg
  3. Click Method Details Sample_Lists_Arrow_MethodDetails.jpeg
  4. Navigate to the bottom of the table and click on the empty row.  The following fields are available to describe the Method Detail.  Fields denoted with * are mandatory
    1. Code * (this corresponds to Code used by the parent Lab Service)
    2. Analyte
    3. Unit
    4. Result Type
      1. Result no status: certificate data will be imported into a sample result column but this column will not trigger validation for CRM samples
      2. Result with status: certificate data will be imported into a sample result column and validation will be performed for CRM samples
      3. Information: certificate data will be imported but will not be assigned to a sample result column.  This information will exist within the certificate only.
    5. Lower Detection Limit
    6. Upper Detection Limit
    7. Sample Weight (g) EditSampleList_MethodDetails_Arrow.jpeg


To Import Analytical Methods: 

  1. Open the configuration menu
  2. Under Sampling, click Sample lists
  3. Click Analytical Methods
  4. Click the Import button on the top right-hand corner of the window List_ImportExportClose_Arrow.jpeg
  5. Click the Browse link and select your CSV file List_ImportBrowse.PNG
  6. Click the Import button

TIP: to quickly produce the file format needed by the Import, first Export the Analytical Methods data using the Export button, and then work within that file.  Note that entries that already exist cannot be re-imported or updated and should be removed from the file before importing any new Analytical Methods.



  • When laboratory certificates are imported and results are released, MX Deposit takes a snapshot of the configuration data that was in place at the time of import and release.  

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