Create Reference Materials

Reference Materials define the standards and blanks that will be used by your projects, and include both reference materials that your team will use in addition to any that may be reported by the lab (lab standards / lab blanks).

Reference Materials can be created manually or can be imported from a CSV file.  

To Create a Reference Material:

  1. Open the configuration menu Landing_Arrow.jpeg
  2. Under Sampling, click Sample lists Admin_Panel_Arrow.jpeg
  3. Click Reference Material Sample_Lists_Arrow_ReferenceMaterial.jpeg
  4. Navigate to the bottom of the table and click on the empty row.  The following fields are available to describe the Reference Material.  Fields denoted with * are mandatory
    1. CRM Code *
    2. Description
    3. Supplier
    4. Category
    5. Reference Type * : Standard or Blank (this is important when defining validation rules for certificate imports)
    6. Matrix Description
    7. Mineralization Style
    8. Certified Date
    9. Certificate Link
    10. Certificate File EditSampleList_ReferenceMaterial_Arrow.jpeg


To Import Analytical Methods: 

  1. Open the configuration menu
  2. Under Sampling, click Sample lists
  3. Click Analytical Methods
  4. Click the Import button on the top right-hand corner of the window List_ImportExportClose_Arrow.jpeg
  5. Click the Browse link and select your CSV file List_ImportBrowse.PNG
  6. Click the Import button

TIP: to quickly produce the file format needed by the Import, first Export the Analytical Methods data using the Export button, and then work within that file.  Note that entries that already exist cannot be re-imported or updated and should be removed from the file before importing any new Analytical Methods.



  • When laboratory certificates are imported and results are released, MX Deposit takes a snapshot of the configuration data that was in place at the time of import and release.  
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