Changes to the Strip Log

Changes to strip plots:

  • Ability to reorder columns after creation
  • Ability to duplicate columns and filter based on value
  • Ability to overlap text columns on colour columns
  • Ability to apply hatching based on another column (weak/moderate/strong as an example) to a colour

I want to explain the second point a bit more. One of the challenges in our logging is the complex alteration overlaps that we have. We’ve always been challenged to graphically present these.  One way to get around the problem of displaying overlaps is to allow the user to duplicate the alteration column multiple times, and then filter the graphic for a specific alteration code. This is a lot easier than trying to display all of the alterations in one column. Sure you’re using more display columns, but that’s a minor issue compared to trying to institute a complex overlapping graphical scheme. This is also quite applicable to things like interval structure or RQD. You may want to display fracture zones separate from fault zones for example. This method is also useful for displaying minor lithologies or highlighting a specific rock unit. 

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